We are a London-based company that offers a full spectrum of creative and media production services. The partners at Logik Media draw upon between ourselves, up to 14 years management experience in Print Production, Web Development, Digital TV and Video Production, Multimedia Production, Event Management and Media Consultancy.

Over the years our clients have included MoneyGram UK, Travelex UK, Prism Leisure plc, London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, CitiBank, Ghana International Bank plc, Chelsea Football Club, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, and HiltonGrove Multimedia.

Others are State Insurance Company Ghana, Unilever Ghana Limited, Shell Africa Network, African-Asian Partnership for Excellence, government embassies, record companies, various events promoters including promoters of musical concerts, international football matches, pageants and a network of Churches in the UK. Please browse through our services and see some of the work we have done.